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13-15 RHS Cardiff



10-13 RHS Malvern Spring Festival

21-26 RHS Chelsea



14-17 BBC Gardeners’ World Live

22-24 Blenheim Palace Flower Show



2-8 RHS Hampton Court Flower Show

18-22 RHS Flower Show Tatton Park

28-29 Chorley Flower Show



16-19 Southport Flower Show

31 Dundee Flower Show



1-2 Dundee Flower Show

29-30 Malvern Autumn Show

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We went into the 2017 season with some trepidation as we had been asked by the RHS on the 23rd February to do something completely different.


Due to the popularity of succulents we produced a modernistic display, after all it was us that started the trend because we had been on the television so much a couple of years before. So, six weeks later, after much soul searching, travelling round for inspiration and a fair bit of cost, we arrived at Cardiff for our first show. We got Gold and the Best Innovative Display Award which was a piece of cardboard. The judges were slightly sceptical because they had not seen anything like this before, we surprised our fellow exhibitors and the public really, really liked it.


Having decided to continue further with this style of display we took it up to Harrogate and on to Malvern. Premier Gold and RHS Gold respectively and so on to Chelsea.


Here we were bitterly disappointed because we were given Silver-gilt after a run of 110 consecutive gold awards. The reasons given were not entirely believable as the parting shot was that another cactus exhibitor had made an effort suggesting that we had not! How can a name deemed to be wrong by the judges on our display (which it most definitely was not as the RHS gave it an Award of Garden Merit in 2012) be exactly the same plant name on another display and that gets best in show. The inconsistency from so called experienced judges is unbelievable.


Onward to Gardeners’ World Live, where we did get Gold but not Platinum because it was the same judges from Chelsea.


From then on every show we went to we received the top awards, even obtaining 2 best in shows, one at Blenheim and the other in Dundee. At least this made up for the disappointment of Chelsea and the public everywhere got behind us.


There have only been about five people in total who prefer the old style of display and those were die hard cactophiles. It is only due to public and other exhibitor support that we carry on and will resume the 2018 season with our quirky modernistic approach. We thank you all for your support.


During the year we were nominated as one of the 100 masters of the Black Country. This local award was to recognise what talent there is in the Black Country. Unsung talented heroes, in our midst, going about their business to continue to spread the word that people of the Black Country just get on with life quietly and not make a song and dance about it. People like Willard Wiggins, the eye of the needle sculptor; Ellie Simmonds, Paralympics swimmer; Joan Lockley, West Midland Hedgehog Rescue (saves over 600 hogs every year); Blind Dave, 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days, and Jenny Wilkes, radio presenter to name but a few. It is a huge honour and privilege for us to be included in the 100 masters alongside such esteemed people.


Our celebrity portfolio extends each year, not only did we provide plants to the Preston Art Gallery on behalf of Martin Creed the Turner prize winning artist but also supplied Julian Lloyd-Webber, cellist and Principal of the Birmingham Conservatoire, where our plants are displayed.


One particular plant of ours, ‘Popsy’ (Parodia warasii) has proved so popular with the public that she now has her own Twitter page. You can follow her @popsythecactus


A big thank you to all our customers and we hope to see you at the shows again this year. However, we will not be attending either the Spring or Autumn shows at Harrogate.


See you soon! Stan and Vicki


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